Diwali Celebration – 2022


Let us know about celebrations of Diwali festival in 2022 at Preet Public
School, Preet Vihar. “Junior and Senior wings enthusiastically took part in
the Diwali celebrations. The young students demonstrated that ability and
ingenuity know no bounds. Students held an assembly to commemorate
the milestone. Diwali celebrations in school began with a prayer to the
almighty and a lovely idea that brought peace and love into our hearts and
thoughts. Kids discussed the significance of the celebration, how virtue has
always triumphed over evil, as well as the origins and traditions of Diwali in
Along with educating kids on the negative impacts of crackers, they also
disseminated information about environmentally-beneficial Diwali
celebration possibilities. Students’ excellent assembly presentation inspired
a sense of triumph of virtue over evil, knowledge over ignorance, light over
darkness, and hope over dejection.
Rangoli making and Poster making competition held in school premises and all students have participated with full zeal.
Children of classes Ist to 12th carried out Diwali celebrations by creating
lanterns and diyas and made RANGOLI out of different colors. The entire
team work brought joy to every student’s heart. They really embraced the
Diwali celebration spirit and took pleasure in Diwali festival celebrations.
The presence of Mrs. Veena (Principal Ma’am) has brightened the bright
faces of students and got so many compliments for their hard work and the
best one has been awarded by the prize.


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