Viaan International School

Farewell 2024


The grand farewell and blessing ceremon at Viaan International school Preet Vihar joyously celebrated the remarkable achievements of the grade XII students during the academic year 2023-24. The day began with the blessing ceremony attended by the students of Grades XII, followed by a Ramp Walk.
The day was a celebration of talents, with varied performances featuring mesmerizing choir and dance acts by the students. This crafted a special memory, making the day truly unforgettable for the attendees.

Blessed by the kind wishes of Dir.Principal  ma’am Ms.Veena Kumari, H.O.S. Mr. Karan Mutneja the students were warmly bid farewell, marking the beginning of their journey towards a bright and promising future.

Farewell Photos 2024

Farewell Videos 2024

Farewell Party serves as a way to express appreciation, offer well wishes, and provide closure before the individual embarks on a new journey.It is also a commemoration to celebrate all the good times together and wishing the best for the future……

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